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36 Responses to “About US”

  1. venture says:

    Why are there some files that are not able to be downloaded unless one is a premium user at luckyshare.net ?

  2. Bruce says:


    Please publish the galleries of “Alba B” Met-Art


  3. Ray St John says:

    Hi Can you please post the set that has this picture sin only secretaries?

    Thank you for what you are doing on this site. I wish you posted videos too

  4. Ray St John says:

    Sorry again -

    If you can post EVERYTHING from BRANDY, I’ll appreciate it. Here’s her link only-secretaries.com/Models/Brandy

  5. admin says:

    Will be in the near future. We can not make it out of the numbering plan. a turn. only-secretaries will be published again in the near future. from the date of 3 October 2011

  6. Sss says:

    Can you published some pics and video of hayley a, at onlytease?

  7. Jones says:

    hi there I wanted to download this but I need premium can you fix the link please?


  8. ellen ripley says:

    ‘Tis a shame all the TTB are down

  9. Thor says:

    Hi. I just found your site yesterday, and I was so happy because I found some Guerlain (from WowGirls) sets that I was looking for for some time and couldn’t find anywhere, and I started to download them right away. But now, today, I went to continue downloading them and then I find all DataFile links restricted to premium users only. What happened?? I was downloading them yesterday as a free user! :(

  10. admin says:

    it seems like you have reached free download quota on datafile and have to buy premium if you want to download more…

  11. Thor says:

    I don’t think that’s the case, admin. As I have changed my IP address after that, yet still it’s saying “This file can be downloaded only by users with Premium account!” in all DataFile links.
    Besides, I just downloaded one or two files before starting to see this restriction. And it’s been more than 24 hours now, and it’s still saying the files are for Premium users only. :(

    Your site seems great, admin, and I was so happy for finally finding these sets I was looking for for so long.
    If there isn’t anything you can do, it seems I will have to continue my search for them on other sites. :(

  12. admin says:

    It’s your choice to use few good sites for all your needs or waste your time and visit dozens of dangerous, poor-quality sites every time you want to download something. I just hope you have power antivirus and lot of patience.

  13. Thor says:

    Indeed, a lot of patience. But that’s the lot of the ones who can’t afford a Premium account on file hosting sites. =(
    Fortunately I have some good sources, good quality sites, such as yours, to get these kind of content; they doesn’t require premium membership on file hosting sites to download and they fulfill most of my needs. There are only some content from certain publishers that I can’t find on those sites. For example: these old sets of Guerlain from WowGirls that I was looking for and are hard to find. I can get the newest ones from one of my sources, but he won’t post the older ones. :/

    Viruses are not the problem when searching for these content I can’t find with my reliable sources, as 95% of the sites I find are clean, good sites, and I have a good antivirus indeed. Besides, I use some good files search engines as well. The only problem is the time spent to look for these rare-to-find sets, and sometimes I really can’t find them anywhere. But unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it for the time being. Let there be patience!

    I’ve bookmarked your site. If in the future, you decide to use file hosting sites that doesn’t prevent free users from downloading, I’ll become a regular user of your site. =)
    I recommend PutLocker.com and FilePost.com. They are very good hosts for free users, as they doesn’t prevent them from downloading anytime, and have very little restriction for free downloading.

    Take care!
    Kind regards.

  14. Section8 says:

    Great site I always love these kinda sites find some of the best stuff here. But ya there are a few that are Premium User only the ones below are ones I have noticed so far the wierd thing is they were downloadable before you switched your service to datafile.com I just hadn’t gotten around to them yet. And others that I couldn’t DL before with luckyshare because they were Premium are now downloadable so they kinda flip flopped. And no its not because my limit has been reached it will tell me premium user only then I will try another one and it will work.

    Who knows maybe these sites just randomly make a percentage of free files premium now wouldn’t surprise me they do come up with some shady measures to make you sign up especially with this datafile they seem kinda like asses there so freakin slow 15hrs for a 700mb file… and they like to keep cutting out with like 5min left and make you have to start all over again… taken me like a week to dl 2 vids lol. And the wait after your limit is reached is way overboard so wouldn’t surprise me if like I said their randomly making files premium without saying just to make you register. Though I have to admit seen far shadier tactics employed by these share sites before

    Anyhow great site again sure I will find more treasures in here already found a few ^^ Wouldnt mind seeing more Alya http://artofero.com/zemani-alya-caramella-10-sep-2010 if you got them if not thanks for that one its appreciated ^^

    =Some Premium Only=
    Carli Banks



  15. admin says:

    maybe we will move content website in keep2share.cc
    possible. decision is adopted.

  16. admin says:

    During the week we’ll be re upload.

  17. Lucian says:

    Greetings there!

    I have found your site while searching for FM Teens.

    I have noticed that most files are deleted from the file host (datafile). Could you please re-upload? I was looking specifically for FM Teens Alina. Thanks for the great job on all the sections btw, not just FM-Teens !


  18. Hungry Piglet says:

    Files not found:

    Can you update its?

  19. Lucian says:

    Thank you for the re-uploads!

  20. admin says:

    We continue reuploads content on keep2share
    It will take some time. Presumably week. After that, the site will be updated as usual.

  21. Poseidon says:

    0345_Zemani_-_Ira_-_Industrial_&_Nature_-_2011-04-19_www.artofero.com_.zip is again on datafile. when re-uploads on keep2share?

  22. admin says:


  23. Poseidon says:

    Many Thanks

  24. OT fan says:

    Thanks for a great site – really enjoy it and the uploads. Can we expect any Prestige sets in the near future?

  25. Cforcer says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for great work and effort with your site… I like it very much and I hope you’ll keep it updated in future too…. I appreciate your work and just wanted to say thank you.

    You’re the best :)

  26. admin says:

    All the photo and the video material are reuploaded!
    Site is working in normal mode now. Please inform me about the sites which material you prefer to see here.???

  27. Nino says:

    Hi admin, just one request I have if possible:

    SHOWYBEAUTY – 14 November 2013 – Viola – Shake It – Harmut – 100 images

    Thanks in advance, have a nice day :-)

  28. admin says:

    All content re-uploads on the new filehost

  29. Jetz says:

    I thank you for your great website and uploads but now I can no longer use this filehost as it requires premium membership. Can it be made free?

  30. admin says:


    Payment hosting requires money. on my website there is no advertising, banners, and other shit.

  31. Tom says:

    Hi, could u upload more sets of natasha anastasia?

  32. Cherrys says:

    Hi, Thanks a lot.
    Have you any others sets of evasgarden or lizzie secret ?
    Thanks again

  33. Nino says:

    Hi admin

    Lizzie Secrets – Lizzie Rayian – Naiad

    thath you released today 22/10/2014

    is off

    Please can you re-up it?

    Thanks in advance, have a nice day :)

  34. admin says:

    Lizzie Secrets – Lizzie Rayian – Naiad

  35. admin says:

    all reup to Keep2Share!

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