1By-Day – Jokes – Girls gettin’ goofy! – 20 Nov, 2011

1By-Day - Jokes - Girls gettin' goofy! - 20 Nov, 2011 Every Sunday we give you a selection of pix showing our models in candid poses or making bloopers or just cracking up in the middle of posing for their pictorials and HD videos. Sticking out their tongues, crossing their eyes, thumbing their noses--they do it all gleefully and maybe even gratefully, because it allows them to show a different side of themselves--the realistic side away from the fantasy figures they become when they get serious and horny and orgasmic in the scenarios they create for us every time they step in front of our cameras and peel off their clothes. So visit our Jokes section on Sunday 11/20/11 and see our models in all their goofy greatness!

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